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hostRx pairs physicians with local experts and industry partners to present hand-selected topics for an MD/DO audience ranging from retirement planning to the latest advances in precision medicine.

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How it works

Attending an event

Browse through our listings of local events and find one that interests you. Our platform offers a convenient and effective way for physicians to come together and learn the non-clinical topics that affect our daily lives -- tax planning, investing, financial planning, student loan repayment options, etc.

Step 1


Simply click Sign Up and immediately RSVP for your first event. Invite your colleagues to the platform to join you at the event.

Step 2

Create your own events

Physicians have the ability to create their own events based on the topics they want to cover. We then match those events with local sponsors that are experts within that field.

Step 3

Get connected to our local experts

Show up to the event and learn something completely new. Network with your colleagues. Enjoy a nice dinner and escape the rigors of clinical medicine.

Pricing plan

Currently practicing physicians

Our network of physicians are currently practicing MD/DOs. We vet and confirm their status so you know you are talking to actual physicians.

Easy-to-use platform

We've created hostRx to be as simple as possible, which makes sponsoring events as easy as 1-2-3.

Dedicated customer support

Our team is here to make sure your event succeeds. Reach out at anytime with new feature requests or issues you are facing.

Pay as You Go
Each event has it's own pricing structure based on the venue, menu, and number of physician attendees.
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Participate in events near you

Join the hostRx platform for free and see local, in-person events. RSVP and attend interesting events on single platform.


Frequently asked questions

What is hostRx?

hostRx is a platform that aggregates in-person events in cities around the US for physicians to attend. Each event is hosted by a hand-selected partner -- financial planners, investors, mortgage brokers, etc. -- creating events to teach MD/DOs the things we don't learn in medical school.

Who can be a host on hostRx?

Hosts on hostRx can be any of the following: certified financial planners, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, physician recruiters, medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

How many events can I host or attend?

For hosts, we are not going to limit your events. However, as we grow, we will keep an eye on the average number of events people are hosting and may decide to change this at a later time.

For physicians, you will be able to RSVP for multiple events. However, please make sure you are able to actually attend. If we notice you are RSVPing but not attending, we reserve the right to delete your account.

Is hostRx free for physicians?

Yes. Physicians do not pay a fee to join the platform. We are aggregating these free events for you. Simply join as a physician and decide which events are most interesting to you.

What happens if I need to cancel?

For hosts, please let us know ASAP. We will remove the event and message our physicians.

For physicians, please make sure you are RSVPing for events that you can make. However, we understand that things come up (especially as a practicing physician), let us know ASAP so we can fill your spot from the waitlist.